Es geht wieder aufwärts

2018 . 11 . 15

Installationsmarkt: Ein großer Markt ist die Voraussetzung für eine zügige Energiewende und genauso für Investoren, die eventuell Geld für neue Produktionen in Europa ausgeben wollen.

The Netherlands installed 658 MW of PV

2018 . 11 . 07

The Netherlands installed 658 MW of PV in the first half of this yearNew solar installations in the country reached the milestone in six months, according to Dutch New Energy Research, which publishes its first Dutch Solar Quarterly report today.

Past the point of no return

2018 . 07 . 01

The Netherlands, second-last in the EU when it comes to the production of renewable energy, presented its first draft of the Dutch Climate Agreement. This agreement is drafted to set out targets and policies across sectors such that the country adheres to the previously proposed Climate Act.

The Netherlands PV market takes flight

2018 . 06 . 01

The Dutch energy landscape experienced a paradigm shift in 2017. The implications for solar pv are enormous. Both residential and large-scale projects will see great changes in upcoming years.

The Solar Bull Market: the Netherlands

2017 . 12 . 01 | artikel

After lagging behind the rest of Europe during the continent’s first solar boom, The Netherlands now has a new government, and an ambitious strategy for renewables.

Dutch Elections and PV

2017 . 05 . 01

Solar in the Netherlands: There is a decidedly mixed sentiment about the outcome of the recent Dutch elections. The outlook for PV in the country, though, is very sunny.